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“I have been wanting to work with Laura for the greater part of the last 10 years. When my husband and I found out our son was coming, we knew that we wanted a beautiful nursery that was well done and put together. For this project, we knew just who to call. Laura’s wit and charm pulls you in from the moment you first speak to her. She’s extremely thoughtful and creative with every single detail. No part of the design is placed without being thoroughly thought out and discussed. We live in LA and most of the work was done cross country and under a deadline. She was the consummate professional and has a great relationship with all her vendors that helped keep the project seamless. Throughout the process, she not only practically provided 24/7 service but she was able to complete, what is now, what we know as the best room in the house. It’s exactly what we envisioned; peaceful, serene, fun and is able to grow with our little boy for years to come. We love it! Thank you, Laura!”

Jordin Sparks

Los Angeles, CA

​"It's easy to find an interior designer, but much more difficult to find one as talented as Laura.  We have worked with Laura on numerous projects, and she has hit a home run on every one!  Her creative process is amazing, and she has taught us that designing a room is much more than picking out furniture and a color scheme. She approaches every project, no matter the size, with enthusiasm and incredible vision.  Her creativity, knowledge, expertise, depth and extensive resources allowed us to create our dream home! On a personal level, Laura is warm, personable, and a pleasure to work with.  Working with her is one of the best decisions we've ever made."​

Dave & Kathy Ford

Los Feliz, CA | Scottsdale, AZ

"Because my permanent residence is in France, I thought the process of decorating my condo in Arizona would be a difficult task.

Fortunately, I found LWID to manage the project! Laura handled every stage of the process very professionally. She understood my
decorating tastes, and with her knowledgeable recommendations, the selection process was made easy. In addition, by arranging
all work during my absence, I was provided seamless service, which was essential in my position. Based on my experience, I recommend LWID for the superior service, the ease of communication, the quality and originality of the choices that were proposed, and the overall management of the project. I will definitely hire LWID for future property projects when time comes!"

Robert Hugard

Magland, France | ​Fountain Hills, AZ | Boston, MA

"Laura was our only choice for designing both our New York City and Siesta Key, Florida residences.  We trust her taste implicitly and her professionalism shines through with every project we have presented her including two apartments and two homes.   We are so impressed by her that we have recommended her to various clients and friends."

Michael & Victoria Popowick

Upper West Side, NYC | Siesta Key, FL

"Laura Wiedmann has turned the overwhelming process of decorating our home into a fun experience. Laura listens to our ideas and then uses her seasoned skills of design to make them work. One of the most important things to me is that Laura explains the reasons for the choices she makes; she helps me to understand why certain ideas work, and why some don’t. I trust her. She looks at the project as a whole to make sure that everything flows. Laura is very willing to work as part of a team; she has worked with our contractor, cabinet maker, and even an artist from Chicago who painted a canvas for us. Laura enjoys seeing me excited as the projects come together, which tells me she cares! It is fun to know that what we create with Laura is a one-of-a-kind design that we will not find anywhere else. Laura will end up touching every room in our house in some capacity, as we work together to create a unique and personalized feel to our home."


Mark & Julie Carlson

Lakeville, MN


"Laura is an incredibly talented designer and so much fun to work with. She helped us decorate our home in Minnesota and it was her beautiful design of our great room that sold our home! Her experience and skill creates a very warm, comfortable and inviting living space that is also classy and sophisticated. She creates a palette of fabrics, finishes, and textures that is excellent. She is also conscientious of using your cherished pieces in your home and incorporating them into a new space and design. She is now working with us on a new home in Tennessee and making it an exciting process. Laura is a great listener and quickly understands what I am looking for. I think she is also a very patient and kind person. My husband and I have both loved working with her throughout the years."


Karel & Mary Jo Lukas

Franklin, TN | Chanhassen, MN


"We worked with Laura in designing several key rooms in our home and are thrilled with the results. Her expertise shines through in helping to make selections that match our tastes and fit our lifestyle, and she has the knack to add that extra finishing touch to showcase each room throughout our home. We highly recommend working with Laura for any of your design needs."

Ron & Barb Osborn

Burnsville, MN


"Laura is an exceptional designer on multiple levels. We've worked with her on various projects (including two homes), and she always takes the time to listen to our needs, wants, and budget. We are THRILLED with the look, quality, and overall design of her work and furnishings she provides. Laura's expertise is invaluable, and her attention to detail, space, and our personal style is exceptional. She brings enthusiasm and a drive for excellence to every project. She has truly brought our design vision to light!"


Joel & Nahed Zehr

Nashville, TN 




"Laura Wiedmann Interior Design is a colleague of many years and with whom we've worked on many projects. Laura is always prepared and informed when she comes to us. She represents her clients well and is an advocate on behalf of those she represents. Laura is comprehensive and astute on every level. It's a pleasure for us to be included among her collegues.


David E. Adler

Owner at David E. Adler Fine Rugs

Scottsdale, AZ




"Laura is a professional designer. She knows her client, their tastes and wishes. You can always count on Laura to inspect what she expects. It is always a pleasure to work with this talented young lady."


Joe Ivone

Director of Furniture at Dean Warren

Scottsdale, AZ




"Laura is a talented designer. She cares that the room(s) she designs represent her clients and compliments the way they use it. She brings vibrant, fresh energy and endless ideas to put new life in your home. By choosing Laura, you are not only making a great decision, but your project you thought would be a lot of work will turn into a fun experience and a beautiful makeover."


Marina Ross

Manager at Jonathan Adler Showroom

Minneapolis, MN




“The UnderFoot Showroom has the pleasure of working with Laura Wiedmann Interior Design by providing various floor coverings and wall finishes for their many diverse projects. Laura is the principle of her company and we truly enjoy our professional relationship. She really listens to her clientele and we can see that her clients enjoy her expertise and creativity. She has a wonderful portfolio and her projects are always fresh, innovative, & timeless. It is our pleasure to be one of Laura’s suppliers and we look forward to continuing to work with her on her upcoming projects.”


Maureen Geraghty

Director of Business at UnderFoot - Luxury Flooring 

Scottsdale, AZ



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